Friday, April 2, 2010

Pics of Ruby

We are just loving every minute with this little girl! She is so fun and keeps up both EXTREMELY busy.

Ruby in something other than a onesie!

Ruby somehow always manages to wriggle her arm out of her swaddle no matter how tight it is. It's cute that she has to have her hand by her face while she sleeps, and yes she sleeps with her mouth open!

Awe sweet little baby, so cute with her hand by her face :)

AHHHH!!!! Pike thinks its rude that I was laughing and taking pictures. Dont worry I picked her up right away and she was perfectly calm.


The McCalip Family said...

I thought babies were supposed to like being swaddled, but Carter hates it too!

Heather said...

What a busy girl! They grow so fast, then turn into grumpy two year olds and you start wanting a baby again.=)

Mitch, Kris, and Tricky said...

I love her so much. Hurry up and come home so I can hold her. I love the dress!

Anonymous said...

Little Ruby is so precious! I think Ruby needs to come to Dallas so Auntie Ang can play with and hold her...Love seeing her all swaddled up in her blankets. I had to make my own swaddle blankets and i made them 45X45 but they were big enough that i could wrap them up tight and there was no chance of escaping...mine slept swaddled till about 6 months old...there little cry is so cute at this stage because it is not much more than a peep. When are you going home? I would love to see you! Keep posting pictures, they grow and change so quickly at this age!

The Key's said...

She is SOOO cute Linds! I'm glad you and the fam are doing so great! I'm getting closer and closer to just coming out there. I've been having major Hawaii withdrawals. Epsecially being in Idaho! So I'll let ya know when I'm on my way over ;) Love ya!