Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Post... and yup, its about Ruby Kealani Pike

This is Pike writing and truthfully, I am not up to writing the longest post because i have written around 30 pages of stuff for school lately, and actually have some more pages that I have to write tonight. So pictures of our little bundle of happiness will do.

This is Ruby after a bath. She loves taking baths and doesn't fuss at all during them. Our friend Angie made this sweet hooded zebra towel that she keeps warm and dries up in after each bath.

These are Ruby and I just hanging out. Shes cool

Ruby just hanging out.

Lindsey made this onesie and the tutu. Ruby is already more stylish than me

I have no words to describe how cool she already is. The pictures kind of say it all.

If you don't like stories about babies number TWO stories, don't read the words below.
I said I wasn't going to write a lot but a funny thing happened the other day. It was actually on conference Sunday. Lindsey and I and my buddy Tim were sitting around watching conference and Ruby made a pee pee. Lindsey was holding her and was just going to change her in her lap. Why not right? Pee diapers are just a quick swap. Well, Lindsey took off the diaper and was struggling wrapping it up and Ruby let a number TWO rip. (insert wet fart sound here) I half gagged and walked away just to make sure I wasn't going to add to the mess. Luckily for Lindsey (I guess as lucky as you can be holding a baby that just poo pooed) it all stayed on the blanket. So I go and get some wipes and lindsey starts cleaning up Ruby and while cleaning, Vwoooomp, Ruby lets another number two go. ACK. Lindsey tries to hurry and get her clean and I hold Ruby's legs up so that Lindsey can get her clean. Remember, during all this Lindsey has a blanket on her lap that is covered in doo doo. So while I am holding little Ruby's legs up and Lindsey is cleaning, guess what? Yup. One more time. Ruby lets out the last of what seemed like an endless run of number 2. Lindsey then gets her clean, and we wrap up the blanket and toss it. It was just one of the cheap swaddling blankets and I didn't feel like washing it, (how do people do cloth diapers??)
Now, if you ask Lindsey or Tim they will tell you I ran off and was gagging and acting all crazy. Not true. I handled it fine. Not perfect, but good enough. Lindsey on the other hand. What a mom. She sat there with a number two filled blanket on her lap and some on her hands and arms. Thanks Linds. I would have just stuck her in the shower or something???? I don't know what I would have done.


Melissa said...

haha! pike you're too funny!

Ruby is cool! :)

Heather said...

I still remember the first time my first daughter pooed all over my legs, through my clothes and her clothes. Good times!! =)

Kirk said...

Haha I believe Tim and Lindsey, I can picture you running off half gagging haha.