Friday, March 26, 2010

Ruby the lil scrapper

Ruby is a good little fighter, I swear she knows what she is doing with her hands and feet. When I go to put a binkie in her mouth and she doesnt want it, she throws her fits up and knocks my hand away. When I wrap her in her blanket she grrrs at me or if her hands are stuck she growls. It's pretty funny. Maybe one day I might be able to video it, you'd laugh too if you heard it. This morning I was able to capture some fighting moves, I swear she did this all the time in my belly.

Fist up ready to go


Finished yet?


Anonymous said...

hahahaha... that's awesome! i love it when they can control you!

Maloree and Daniel DeMille said...

congrats you guys! she is beautiful! we can't wait to meet her..especially ethan :)

* Courtney * said...

so cute!!

Heather said...

What a cute girl! Glad to see you're enjoying her so much.=)

Mitch, Kris, and Tricky said...

oh she is so cute. I love her and want to hold her.