Wednesday, April 14, 2010

One Month Old!

Ahhh! My little baby is growing so fast! I am really blown away at how fast this month as gone. It seems as if it was only yesterday I laid my eyes on Ruby for the first time. She is just getting cuter and cuter. She had her 1 month check up and she is now 8.6 lbs and 21 1/4 inches. So that means since birth she has gained over a pound and grown an inch! She is getting stronger to. She can lift her head and hold it for a few seconds, she has an incredibly strong kick, she constantly rolls onto her side and she goos and gaas (so cute!). She is also one smiley little girl until the camera comes out... as soon as we try to capture a smile she stops and just stares at the camera.

The last weekend we took Ruby to the beach and to Ted's bakery for the very first time and she loved it! I cant wait for her to get a little bit older so we can enjoy the beach a little bit more together! (she will be swimming by 6 months) She loves to be awake and apart of whatever we are doing. Seriously, she doesn't sleep... luckily she is pretty calm while she is awake!!! She loves going of walks and just being outside which I am VERY grateful for, I just need to step outside at least once a day to keep my sanity!

Here are the latest pictures we've been able to capture of Ruby :)

Playing with Daddy.

Checking the time

Figured out how to hold her binkie in

Sharks Cove



The McCalip Family said...

So cute! I love the "checking the time" picture.

Anonymous said...

Wow a month old already?!? They grow up way too quickly! Can't wait to see this beautiful baby playing in sand and swimming soon! :) PS love the new family pic at the top of the are way too skinny for only having had her a month ago!!

The Key's said...

I can't believe she's a month old -seriously I feel like it was last week she was born :) She's too cute! I hope I get to meet her sometime soon! Love ya!

Glen, Paige, and the soon to be baby Preston! said...

I just love Ruby and you too!!1

Trent and Nicole said...

You have such a pretty baby. Like everyone else...I wanna hold her!

Missy said...

She is darling.