Tuesday, July 15, 2008


This tag is pretty unique, so I thought I would give it a shot.

1. As a comment on my blog, leave one memory that you and I had together. It doesn't matter if you knew me a little or a lot, anything you remember!

2. Next, re-post these instructions on your blog and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty funny to see the responses. If you leave a memory about me, I'll assume you're playing the game and I'll come to your blog and leave one about you.


Tara Maxfield said...

Where do I start? I really lucked out and married into a family where I don't consider everyone "in-laws". You're my sister as if we spent our whole lives growing up together and I love our relationship! I love that you feel like you can talk to me about anything and that you make an effort to stay in contact even though we live in different cities.

I love how much you love Caden!

I have so many memories of you, but some of my favorites are the first time I went on vacation with your family to the Tahoe cabin...they were trying to get you out of bed to get boarding and you were throwing the biggest fit. I laid on the bottom bunk thinking how funny it was that I got to lay there and sleep and they were dragging you out of bed.

Walking in on you in the bathroom...

REALLY late nights at the Midway house playing SCUM, eating way too much junk food and relentlessly making fun of each other.

Many conversations about your digestive track (I totally feel for you!)

So many more...I can't wait to live with you this fall and have lots more memories together. I promise to cook dinner at least a few times a week for you and Pike.

Love you!

Dana and Chase said...

Well the minute i read this the memory thie came to my mind.. probably because it was the most terrifing.. It is when we were in Phill's class... We always doodled, played computer games, wrote notes, looked at pictures until that faitful day when he looked at us and just said " I will talk to you two after class" I dont think I have sweat that much in class before! the whole hour we were freaking out wondering what the heck he would do to us! let alone grade us! and he was the dean of our department!!! Then he told us we were a disturbance.. what!?!?! other people were talking on their phones and sleeping, yet we were the disturbance! I have never been so scared and mad at the same time before.. There are many many more funny amazing stories and memories with you..but I dont want others to get bored.. :) I love you!!!

* Courtney * said...

I don't really even know where to start...Lets see
- My first memory is when our moms thought us girls were going to be the best of friends and made us start playing together (maybe they really did know what they were thinking after all)
- We would ride our bikes and meet half way in between our houses.
- hot tamales in the air vents on the way to California
- Newport Beachouse and the "slow" boy who gave us HUGE cotten candy sticks. Oh and your boyfriend who let you jump on the tramp thing for free.
- The hot guy in the ticket window that we would walk past a million times a day.
- You falling in public
- The time you were giving a talk in church and Stephanie popped her tooth out and you stoped in the middle of your talk and just stared at her and everybody turned around to see what you were looking at.
- crazy boys following you around late at night (your first kiss)
- nylons on our head
- making fun of Stephanie
- I am so happy that you are married, but I am sure going to miss the awkwardness with boys stories!
- Sneaking into our home teacher boys apartment and putting ambasol on their toothbrushes, or dish soap in their dishwasher. suckers.
- When you donkey punched Stephanie
- New Years on the strip when those guys surrounded you because you wanted beads. You didn't know what they wanted hahaah
- The day Stephanie confessed her love for you at the temple.
- When you ran into the shed at your old apartment complex
- Singing hold on for one more day dancing on your bed
- Ursala
- When we tricked Abby into thinking I got stabbed, then her mom mad you apologize while I hid in the basement.
- All the memories of living with you. Sleeping in a twin bed together, carmel popcorn & muddy buddys, my Brandon drama, throwing crap of the balcony
- The time we decided mountain dew and energy pills don't mix

Ok obviously this list could fill up your whole comment space so I will stop. I love you Lindsey! Thanks for being the best friend ever!

Stefanie said...

Well shoot mine is not going to be as near as long as everyone elses but one of my favorite memories of you is when we were standing in front of Ryan's window and he was in a meeting and I told you I'd pay you to pretend you were going down stairs in front of his window and you did it twice so that they were to be sure to see you. And then when we dared you to cuddle with Matt Thompson on the couch and you did it. And then one time when you were at my house and we were singing karokee and everyone didn't like us at all but we thought we were funny. You are one brave girl is all I can say!!!

the gregory's said...

Ok my favorite memory of you is when we were all at my house hanging out and up to this point you had said about 5 words to me EVER! So we decided to kmake a talk show and you were the nerdy one and you were soooooo funny all dressed up crazy, after that you became the lindsey that I know and love!!!!

Kristi said...

I know there are others but the most recent...being with at the temple for Ashley's wedding!

g. lock said...

brian earl pike! how are you buddy? nice to have stumbled upon your blog. hmm, let's see.. i'm thinking if i can contribute to this post. i'm thinking maybe that late night at your place where we all watched that sketchy flick clockwork orange. i don't know if that was necessarily a positive memory, but it was one thing i could remember. you rock man, keep in touch!

Debbie Richmond said...

Okay, lets see. I went to Nicole Drew's blog and low and behold I see a name Lindsey Pike on her friends and family list. I think to myself, no this can't be the same girl that married the Brian Pike that I know and have known since he was a tiny little boy. Sure enough as I scrolled down to the bottom of the blog there you are with your beautiful wife. Nicely done Brian. Ken and I live in Draper, well Suncrest. Tell your parents they are in big trouble for not calling us when they were up here. We were on vacation when you got married or you know we would have been there. Nice to see you found such a beauty. Tell me who is the Stefanie that knows Matt Thompson and is it the Matt Thompson that I am thinking of?

Missy said...

Hmmm, what is a memory I share with Lindsey..I have lots, but this one is the best.
-It would probably have to be when we worked together this summer. We would going out sampling, sharing the love and addiction known as Jimmy Johns. Anyway, we would get in a routine where we would just say random things hoping we could somehow, anyhow relate it to our sampling. This is just a little taste of how things were done with Linds and I....
"Let the addiction begin!!!"
"Would it be improper...."
Fire engines
"Can you clean our sandwiches?" said by Lindsey at the Dry Cleaners.
"Saying there is TURKEY on the Vegetarian sandwich"
"You get munchies after you Scuba dive, heres something that will help that...."
"Married People..."