Monday, July 14, 2008

Oh dear sweet Hawaii... how we are going to love thee

For those of you who dont know, Pike and I will be moving to Hawaii come January. AND for those of you who already knew that, well what you probably didnt know was that Pike had to be re accepted into the school. Well, to make a long story short, apparently he had too many credits and there was a chance that he wouldnt be allowed in. Luckily, Pike knows the right people and with their help and letters he was ACCEPTED!! YAY! I am just so happy for him and us, we are really going to have a great time there. I am especially excited to go because I have never been AND I will get a wicked sweet tan... plus I will get to work, haha. No but it will be a great experience for us AND please feel free to come and visit us anytime while we are there... we would love to see you!!!


Tara Maxfield said...

Oh, don't worry...I am making plans already to come and visit! I am really happy for you and Pike, but a little sad too. I was secretly hoping if it didn't work out you guys will still live at the Midway house and we could be roomies. OK, probably not as much fun for you newlyweds as it would be for us. I am going to miss you so much and I will despise you for your wicked dark skin (like I did after your honeymoon).

Thanks for all the nice things you said on my blog, almost made me cry a bit! Where is your "Memories" post?

* Courtney * said...

Count us in for a visit!!! (i wish to live there with you though)

Heather Bell said...

We should have done something fun like this before we had kids. Instead we hung out in rexburg, yay! Have a great time!