Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Whale watching

One day we decided it would be fun to go whale watching. We got a great deal, got the Raynors to come along with us, and headed into town for a good ol' time! Well, one thing we didnt take note in when booking our tickets, was the weather. It had been really, I mean REALLY WINDY, for the past week or so and for some reason I thought it wouldn't be that big of a factor in our fun whale watching adventure. WRONG!!! When we pulled up to the dock where we would be taking off we quickly ran over to the store and bought some dramamine, maybe a little late on that but it worked! BUT we didn't give any to the babies, for some reason we thought they could handle it??? SOOO they ended up getting sea sick and threw up on their daddies; while their mommies were having the time of their lives in the front of the boat, losing their stomachs from going over the ginormous waves!

We saw some whales, had our fun, and glad we did it, (but will most likely never pay to do it again.)

Let the fun begin!

Poor babies!

Silly babies...not feeling so sick anymore!


Brook said...

Lindsay! Brook Whitaker here..I can't believe how much time has passed! LAst I heard you were ready to pop, then I come across your blog, and I realize I must have been in some kind of a transe!
Good to see you and your beautiful family!!!

justimages said...

how cute!!!

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