Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yaya Came to Visit!!

We were lucky enough to have Milly come out to Hawaii and spend almost 10 days with us! It was so fun seeing her and having her here. It was her first time meeting Ruby too! Ruby loved having her Yaya here to entertain her with her craziness! :) While Milly was here we played at the beach, ate at Ted,s, pineapple ice cream at Dole plantation, went to the Buddhist temple, Botanical gardens, flea market, Polynesian Culture Center, Pali look out, and she made us some DELICIOUS Puerto Rican food!!! We kept asking her to just stay and live here with us, I mean who wouldnt want her, she cooks, feeds your baby so you can shower, and is just fun to be around!

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Missy Marianne AKA Mima said...

Millie looks So Skinny ! Tell her I said she looks better now than ever! She's a great example of womanhood : )