Friday, September 17, 2010

6 monts old!

My baby girl is 6 months old already! I cant believe how fast time has gone... seriously, before we know it we will be moving off of this beautiful island and begin life somewhere else. Crazy. Ruby is getting so big and so funny these days. She is lil miss independent and is EXTREMELY busy! This lil girl is everywhere: looking around fast and grabbing everything. I cant imagine what she is going to be like once she can crawl or WALK! AHHH She laughs all the time and is the most smily and happy baby around :) Her laugh right now kind of sounds like she is choking which makes us laugh harder and then makes her laugh even more!
Right now her loves are rice cereal, when she eats she moans in enjoyment,really funny! She LOVES hats and tags. Why do we even try with the toys when all she wants his her daddy's hat. Whenever Brian is wearing a hat and he goes near Ruby she gets really excited so he picks her up and then all she does is grab at his hat. When she gets fussy we show her a hat and let her play with it and she calms down instantly.
Funny story: Today we took Ruby to the dr. for her check up as he was checking her heart rate he looked up at us and said, your daughter has big boobies! hahahaha seriously?!? The past few weeks Ruby has been putting on weight and I have noticed that she has little boobies, in fact I have said jokingly that we need to get her a training bra! So yes, dr, I know they are big, but THAT big that you couldnt help yourself but to say it out loud!?! Too funny.
Anyways here are some pictures of my sweet little angel!


Anonymous said...

She is so cute! Catch a quick plane and come see us in Maui! We are here for another 4 days. I can't believe she is already getting so old!

The McCalip Family said...

Happy 6 months Ruby! Carter thinks that you are such a cutie! He keeps trying to reach at your pictures on the computer screen. Congratulations on being parents for a whole half a year!

* Courtney * said...

She is SO cute! And Levi said he loves big boobs so it's cool. She is looking so chubby I love it!!!! I love her and can't wait for us to live close to each other someday