Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fat Lip!

On Monday, Brian had to have a mucus gland removed from the inside of his mouth. He had it for a couple months and would pop it constantly only to have it come back. After going to the doctor and finding out that he could either get it cut out or continue with the discomfort and popping it...he went with the surgery!

It looks a lot better now, thank goodness!


Nicole said...

Okay this is so weird... one of Russ and mine good friends just barely had this happen... he was getting the same thing and finally decided to go in and have it removed... for something I've never heard before it's crazy I know two people who has had it happen to them now :) I'm glad he's doing better!

Mitch and Kris said...

YUCK! That is totally disgusting. Pike you are nasty. Just kidding but seriously that looks painful. I'm sorry and I hope that you are feeling better.