Friday, February 27, 2009

Happenings...its been a while

We have been keeping busy these past few weeks...

Since there are so many pictures in this post I am not going to write too much.


My first turtle sighting

Surfing and sunset

Cooking the fish our neighbor gave us!

Presidents Day:
We went to Honolulu to spend the day at the beach and to visit the aquarium with our friends Matty and Lindsay.

The Aquarium...the smallest aquarium in the world! Which is odd...we are in the middle of the biggest ocean in the world, and we have the smallest aquarium???

For the past two weeks Pike's Uncle Ray and Aunt Marie came to visit their daughter Skye and her husband John(who is in the navy). We were fortunate enough to go and do touristy things with them. We loved having them here!
The Arizona Memorial...the ship still lays below

Whats left of the gun turret

The oil that is still spilling out of the ship

In front of the Arizona Memorial

Missouri Battle Ship

Big Guns

Heavy Helmets

The Bunks

View of the Arizona Memorial from the Missouri...there was also a rainbow, but you cant see it in the picture!

Mayday! Mayday!


Polynesian Cultural Center

River Ride and Guide

Learning the hula

River Parade

Inks and fish made from palm frawn

All the WINNERS!
We learned how to throw spears...These 3 (Aunt Marie, John, and Pike) were are able to make it in the target!

Spear throwing teacher and student

Champion: he won this after 3 throws!


Big Lips

The Pig: Kind of gross to see but soooo good to eat!


Pina Coladas: DELICIOUS! I wish we would have taken pictures of the food, it was fantastic!

Dancing: they asked for newlyweds to go up and dance on the stage, so we did!


lauren said...

un to live there! it is sooo beautiful there !you guys are to cute!

* Courtney * said...

Just so you know these pictures made me cry. Maybe it's because I miss you....or maybe Hawaii. I bet it's a combination of both though. You two are so dang cute.

Dana and Chase said...

you are so tan! i am so jealous! i miss u so much! have you found a jobn out there yet?? call me!!!

Nicole said...

Oh my heck I loved this post!! I miss you :) But im glad you're having so much fun!! I have to get out there - soon!!

Mitch and Kris said...

How fun. That is a huge turtle! So have you been surfing yet? You guys look so good and so tan, I am so jealous. That's awesome that you guys got up and danced, I probably wouldn't have. Fun Fun!

hmayorga said...

It looks like you are having so much fun! JEALOUS. We sure do miss you guys.