Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The BIG Shindigey Dig.... our new home!

This is our last day in Midway! I thought that I would never say this, but I really do miss the beauty of the snow, not so much the cold, but the views from inside!!!

Last Monday, Pike and I said goodbye to Utah, which by the way, was 17 degrees, and hello Hawaii. It was a little bit harder for me than Pike, but good nonetheless. I am really going to miss my family being so close, especially Scott, Tara, Caden and Abbie, and of course my parents who practically lived there with us! The last few months have been amazing and I am sad to say goodbye.

So this is Hawaii?!?!

Hawaii is incredibly beautiful! I have seen pictures and heard of its beauty, but nothing is more comparable then seeing it for yourself. It truly is a remarkable and breathtaking place. Im not gong to lie though, as we were driving I was a little upset, from what I had heard was that towards the north shore it was more country, which I guess it is, but my idea of country is minimal houses and more land! I was apparently wrong for thinking that, it is much more populated here then I ever imagined.

This past week we have been getting things settled and I am trying to learn where everything is... I think I have the basics down now. Pike has been busy with school, while I am still looking for a job! Our apartment is small but very nice and not to far from beach access. But when it is really windy, I am too chicken to walk down the steep and slightly slanted steps to it! I much more prefer driving down to the north shore!

Our ward is very friendly and the best part is that everyone is around our age, not our parents and grandparents! The funniest part is that the ward is small and within it there are 5 Lindseys! Its crazy but cool cuz I have only known of 2 other Lindseys growing up.

So far my favorite things:
Acai bowls! My friend Missy told me that I have to try them, and they are indeed magnificent! I really want to figure out how to make my own, the only problem is, I have no idea where to buy acai berries?! I also love just being in the sun... we are slowly working on our tans. We just tried this Thai restaurant with our friends Matty and Lindsay and it was delicious! We will definitely eat there again. We also have enjoyed watching the huge waves crashing right onto the shore line. Today they had to have been at least 20 ft! Awesome!

The weather has been great so far, at first I was nervous because it was just raining, but now the sun has been shinning and so has my smile! I love just going to the beach and watching the waves and surfers. The waves are suppose to get up to 30 + feet this week, so I am sure I will have some cool pictures of them!

This is our very cozy bedroom! We like it...the closet is a pretty good size and our sheets on the bed are amazing! Thanks mom and dad!!!

This is a picture I took before we unpacked everything... dont worry everything is put away and it looks a lot better! This picture is basically our family room/kitchen. I forgot to take pictures of the Kitchen side so I may post them another day. From this picture the kitchen is to the left. That door leads to outside and directly across from it is our bathroom, which I also didnt take a picture of...please be patient with me! I am still learning how to use a camera????

This is a what we do at the beach...Pike studies and I play with seals! haha...not really I was pretty scared of him because when I was standing by him he just kept staring at me and watching my every move!


glen and paige said...

Oh i am so jealous of Hawaii! The pictures look amazing and so fun! I can't wait until I come out and visit in May! Miss you guys!

Nicole said...

Umm I'm SO jealous!! You are living a dream Miss Linz. I am for sure coming out and visiting soon! I still can't believe that you LIVE in Hawaii!!! I'm glad you liked the Acaii bowls - those are so YUMMY!! And when I come visit we are going surfing!! Miss ya and have fun over there! Love ya! P.s. My number is 702.285.9522. CALL ME!!!

* Courtney * said...

Love the update...keep them coming!

Christensen Family said...

Lindsey, it was so great finally meeting you over Christmas vacation. YOu know you're considered one of our sister too now :) I'm the oldest Lundquist sister, Kristen. ANyway, congrats on Hawaii. I must say this is a really good thing for you and Brian. Me and my Bryan moved away to KY for dental school right after we got married and being away from all our family and friends was so good for our relationship. I think every couple should do what you guys are doing for a little while. You guys are just beautiful! And I wish you luck with this upcoming year and finding a job! Know that we're all jealous!!

Dana and Chase said...

oh honey!!!! i love seeing your life in hawaii it makes me feel closer to you! im so ezcited for this adventure in your life! chase and i will just have to come visit! your so cute linds!

Tara said...

We miss you guys too! Our life has become quite lonely without you two here. We have decided it is time for us to make some friends since we don't have the comfort of family anymore.

Your new life looks amazing and WARM!

Mitch and Kris said...

Cute apartment. Oh we are so jealous that you are in warm Hawaii. Oh my gosh that's awesome that you got so close to a seal!

Stefanie said...

Oh how I miss you Linds!! I forget how funny you are!!!! Looks like you are living the life though!! I hope ya find a job that you can stay outside all the time that would be great!

Manda said...

okay so... i'm really jealous of your life right now!! It will be such a great experience for you guys!

Nicole said...

Hey! It's Nicole Riggs! I just found your blog on Stephs and had to say hi. LOVE your pictures- you are GORGEOUS! Congrats on moving to Hawaii and officially congrats on getting married! You look so happy!

Missy said...

I love your new cozy home, and I can't wait to see it. I told you how to make the Acai bowls didn't I? Let me know if I didn't, and I'll email you how I make them. See you soon. Love ya