Sunday, September 7, 2008

Party Time!!!!

August 24th was Pike's BIG 25 so we had to do something incredible. It was a whole weekend of nothing but that, minus the fact that he had to work on his birthday :(. On Friday, his parents were driving through so they took us out to dinner along with some family friends. It was so fun seeing them. On Sat, Scott and Tara made french toast and he opened his presents. Then he and my brother Scott went golfing and that night we went to Park City and ate Sushi. YUMM! Sunday was his actual Birthday and he had to work the whole day, so when he came home I made him some of his favorite cookies. Finally, on Monday we had a Transformers Birthday party for Pike and his good friend Jake. It was hilarious and a great time!


Pike Family said...

You guys are having way too much fun. Looks like a fun time.

Daniel & Kiana Hayden said...

I love the transformer masks! I might have to steal that idea for Daniel's birthday...he is OBSESSED with that movie. I think deep down inside he wishes he was a transformer.