Friday, February 10, 2012

The beginning of November we moved all of our "stuff" from Utah and headed to our new home... Playa Del Rey, California. It was sad to say goodbye to my family but exciting to get our own lives started again. Truth be told, I was mostly excited to escape the Utah winter and thrilled to be close to the ocean again!

We are loving our new place and have a great ward. Everything so far as been GREAT! We are very blessed.

We babysat Caden and Abbie and Brian built a fort and watched a movie with the kids!

Silly girls acting exhausted from all the packing!

Shopping for the "little things" and according to Ruby, you can never have enough sponges!

Swimming in the hot tub

Helping build the chairs

Our view! jk I WISH! the beach is a 5 minute drive and about a 20 min I cant complain!

Loving having her daddy around all the time again!

Her new table

We live pretty close to the Santa Monica Pier. While at the pier one day we bumped into Minny Mouse! Ruby was so excited and ran right up to her! Can't wait to take her to Disneyland.
I know that most of you already know but in case you don't...

and it's A GIRL!
We expecting our new bundle of joy April 16, 2012!
On one of the weekends that Brian came to visit we took Ruby to the Zoo. This little girl is obsessed with ALL animals...OBSESSED! She gets so excited and runs from cage to cage. I just love watching her as she runs, points and screeches at all the animals.

Monday, February 6, 2012

more swimming

I just had to post all these pictures I have of Ruby swimming. She cracks me up!


I forgot to post about Ruby learning how to swim this past summer. Where my parents live they have a couple swimming pools so we made good use of them while we were living there this past summer. Ruby has no fear when it comes to water. She absolutely loves it. After a summer of going to the pool and then the 3 weeks I spent at my sister's house in AZ, where we went swimming everyday, she figured out how to swim. (with floaties)
She is our little fish.


This year Ruby dressed up like a cute little chicken. We went to our ward Trunk or Treat where Ruby one cutest costume in her age group! She made one cute chicken that's for dang sure. We went around once and it was sooo we went inside to defrost and sort through her candy before we went home. Ruby LOVED trick or treating! At the trunk or treat the first few cars she wasnt really sure what was going on but once she realized all she had to do was say "treat" and she would get candy she went crazy. She was so cute, she would walk up to a car and say "treat" smile and hold out her bucket and wait til they put candy in and then say "thank you" and walk away. She walked away with quite the lot of candy. When we got home she showed her nana and papa all her candy and then went to town eating it. That night she threw up so hopefully she learned her lesson! haha Or maybe we sholuld learn from this experience!
On Halloween night I decided to tag along with my brother, sis-in law and their cute kids to go around the neighborhood. Ruby had enough candy but I wanted to watch her trick or treat some more. She didnt disappoint. She ran with her cousins to the doors and said "treat" and smiled when she got her candy. The best part was when the people had a dog or cat Ruby and my niece Abbie didnt care about the candy and just wanted to go inside and play with the animals. It was a fun Halloween!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The end of July Brian was finally offered the job he had been interviewing with for what seemed forever. The job is medical sales with PSS, Physicians Sales and Services. We were thrilled and nervous at the same time. WIth the job they do a training that goes any where from 2-6 months. The reason for this is that they wait for a territory to open up and then move you there. We were hopeful to stay west coast and somewhere warm. Brian moved to Cali and Ruby and I stayed in Utah til we knew where he would be placed. Our options were Cali, AZ, HI, and NV.

Brian was able to make a few trips back for the weekends and Ruby and I went and stayed in Cali for a week with our good friends, the Stewarts. It was hard to be away from him for such a long time, but not as hard as it was for him to be away from us. At least Ruby and me have my family. Ruby got to play with her cousins everyday so it helped to keep her distracted.