Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tis the season for visitors...

I guess when people realize that if they want to come to Hawaii and hang out with some of the coolest people they better come before they move away, and that they have. Well at least the peeps that matter have! jk all of you fellow readers/family/friends/ are all wonderful and I'm sure that if you could you would.
This semester we have been keeping ourselves busy, Brian is in school and working, what seems to be all the time, and Rubs and I entertain ourselves outside either at the beach or the park. We are loving the warm weather and I am making sure we soak up as much sun as possible before we move off this rock. Along with our crazy schedules we have had some fun entertaining family and friends this semester.
Melissa, Pike's sister, with her 2 cute kids was able to come out and enjoy the Hawaii life for awhile, which she loved so much she was ready to move out here! (between the warm weather and the "guy" she met out here. haha) While she was here we went to the beach, ate lots, went to the PCC and Sea Life Park, and Melissa went skydiving! Ruby just loved having a playmate and followed her buddy Brandt all over the place. We really enjoyed their company and had lots of laughs while they were here.
Then, just this past week, our good friends Daniel and Maloree came out with their handsome little boy Ethan. Ruby was thrilled to have a cute little boy to chase around, she followed him everywhere, and when he was no where to be found she would go look for him. He on the other hand could care less about her (one day Ethan you are going to regret that move! jk) While they were here we hung out at the beach of course and Pike taught Daniel to surf. Oh and they were lucky enough to enjoy the experience of a tsunami warning! or not so lucky! It was a crazy and scary night but we are all happy we were blessed and all well looked after that night/morning. My heart goes out to Japan... keep them in your prayers! It was so fun having Dan and Mal here and made us excited to move back to the mainland and hang out some more.

Beware: Picture overload!


The McCalip Family said...

Looks like fun, I wish that we were able to come visit! Glad that you're safe after the tsunami warning, we were thinking of you.

Chris and Nickels said...

Ok, Ruby has tan lines in her arm creases! I'm so jealous. Her blonde hair is beautttiful, I'm excited to meet this little one.