Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ruby's First Christmas

Christmas Eve:
-went on a nice walk
-went to the beach and played in the water
-played games with friends
-ate freshly baked white chocolate chip cookies (thanks Chels)
-attempted to watch Its A Wonderful Life and Christmas Vacation.

Christmas Day:
Pike took Ruby when she woke up so I could sleep in a little longer. :) Once I woke up I quickly got Pike's "surprise" stocking ready. (he went with me to buy all the candy so it wasnt much of a surprise). We then introduced Ruby to her presents and showed her how to rip the wrapping paper off. She attempted at it until she pulled one big piece off and was happily entertained with her new piece of paper. Again, I showed her how to keep pulling it off and she tried until she got herself another piece and began playing away with it. We laughed because thats exactly what we expected her to do. I then sat her on my lap and began to help her unwrap the rest of her presents. She loved her doll that nana and papa sent her, the eyes open and close and it cries and says momma! She also loved the case her new pacifiers came in, she gagged when we put the pacifier in her mouth but wouldnt let go off the case. Go figure. After Ruby was done opening her gifts Pike and I exchanged ours.
That afternoon we went to the beach for a while and just relaxed. When we got home we talked with our families and watched movies and played games with friends. It was a great Christmas. Simple and relaxing just the way we like it.

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