Thursday, November 25, 2010

I have been trying to get our blog to go private but it's not working?!?! help!

In the mean time, we are having a blast and loving the life we have here in Hawaii! Before we know it we will be leaving this beautiful island and going to who knows where...scary stuff. but yet very exciting.

This past week has been absolutely wonderful. We went to the beach almost everyday and the best part was it wasnt very windy so we werent chasing after our umbrella. The water was calm, the air was warm and had a nice cool breeze every so often. Ruby LOVES the beach and water! I cant keep her off the sand and once I take her in the water to rinse of our bodies I cant get her out of the water. She laughs and splashes and kicks those chubby legs so hard that I feel bad taking her out. (ok so its me who cant get her out of the water.) She has always had a love for water and I am so glad that she loves the beach as much as I do, and Pike too!

Ruby is now 8 months and is the happiest most smiley baby EVER! I promise. She is calm and very determined. She is doing the army crawl and scoots herself around the house following me wherever I go. She loves standing and will try to climb up on everything. Her new trick is standing up in her crib. She stands there and laughs until we go in and see what she is doing. She is a little performer too. If she starts doing something that she feels is praise worthy she will cackle(that's what her fake laugh sounds like) and stare at you until you acknowledge her or what she is doing. She still loves Baby Einstein so I get a little break and chance to clean or get myself ready. She will eat and eat if you let her. She loves everything!!! She has 2 teeth and I dont think i will care if she gets anymore, seriously. She wasnt bad, she just wasnt herself and it made me sad for her.
Ruby also knows how to unlock her daddy's iphone and will do it whenever she gets a hold of it, which is rare. but impressive. We laugh because she gets this super concentrated face on and almost starts to shake. She is really articulate with her hands and the way she examines things is almost like she is a blind person reading braille. She LOVES books. She claps either her own hands or grab yours and clap them. She gets a kick out of it. She also will give you kisses and when she does she grabs your face and gives you a nice slobbery wet kiss.

I just cant get enough of her!


Dan & Kham said...

She is so darling! I love the pictures, looks like she is having a blast. You guys do a better job at keeping up with your blog than I do with mine. - Kham

The McCalip Family said...

I love the sandy face picture!

Richard Pike said...

I love the pictures. She is getting so big