Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wonder Mom and Wonder Girl

These two are AWESOME. They make me happy. I look forward to coming home to them from my looooong 2 hr work day every morning (yes, its tough to live in Hawaii and have a 2 hour workday). I love them. Enjoy these pictures of them.

Ruby sticks her tongue out a lot now. Wonder where she learned it?

Ruby loves her mommy. When I hold Ruby and she sees Lindsey, she smiles big and shakes with excitement. They are best friends. Lindsey knows how to calm Ruby when she is having a tough day sleeping. She plops her into these positions and Ruby calms down and starts to sing (if you want to call it singing). Within a bit, Ruby is sleeping. Its that motherly ability. Lindsey has it. And she isn't just being mom as of late. She is working some too so that we can have some monies saved up when we have to leave this beautiful rock. She does it all. I think I am going to get her a Wonder Woman outfit for Halloween. Cause she is wonderful and cause I have a crush on Wonder Woman.

I feel super blessed to have 2 awesome women in my life. LUCKY ME !!


Rhitzclan said...

Totally love the pics!! They are both so beautiful!

Glen, Paige, and baby Preston! said...

This is the cutest post ever! Good job Pike! You scored big time with these two lucky ladies! Love them both!!! And love the pictures!

Mitch, Kris, and Tricky said...

How sweet Pike, or did Lindsey post that! Just kidding. That was really nice. She is an amazing woman isn't she. I love her tons, and look up to her tons! Hurry and move back so I can play with sis and cutest niece ever!