Saturday, June 19, 2010

And I Think To Myself...


As I sit here and write with Ruby by my side I cant help but feel complete joy. Joy for those little special moments that we have together. Such moments like the one I just had with her... I looked down at her and she looked back and gave me this HUGE smile and starting talking to me as if we were in a deep conversation. Or joy when I walk in the room and her seeing me the first time this morning and getting really excited and kicking her legs a mile a minute! I love her and I love being a MOM! Ruby is growing so fast and just yesterday I went through her clothes and pulled out her newborn ones(that up until last week still fit her) and had to retire them. Maybe a little tear of sadness ran down my face but also a tear of joy. As much as I was ready for her to grow into new clothes my heart ached for that little newborn... the one that loved to just cuddle with me at all times. Ruby has become more independent, which I am very grateful for, but she is growing too fast! With her new independence, I finally have time to do more around the house and get more work done. It brings me much joy knowing that I can leave her with a few toys and Baby Einstein and go do the dishes or clean out the cupboards and fridge (which sadly have been neglected for months). Also with her new independence she doesnt want to cuddle as often. She wants to be able to see everything that is going on. When she's tired she sometimes wants to be held, but mostly wants to lay on her own! What happened to the little baby who would only sleep when she was being held? Dont get me wrong, I am glad that she is sleeping on her own, but how and when did that happen? Now when she is tired and getting ready to fall asleep she talks and groans to herself while holding her binkie in her mouth and blanket on her face. Brian and I absolutely love it and we get a kick out of it every time! Ruby is a really happy baby and will more than likely smile at anyone and everything. Her smile is very contagious and people get a kick out of her. Like the people she flirts with who are sitting behind us at church or standing behind us in line at the store. She really is a little flirt, when you smile and talk to her she gives you a smile and then starts to hide herself a little then grins and grins afterwards. SO CUTE! :)
Yesterday while Brian was holding her she was talking to him and he would talk back in the same jibberish and she would get a kick out of it and reply back with something. This went on for quite some time and I just sat there and thought to myself what a great life I have. I have an amazing husband who has become a wonderful father. He helps me out and is just awesome. I wont get into anything or details but there has been alot of changes in our lives this year and some were good and some bad. He has had his struggles and when he struggles I struggle. I havent really felt like talking to anyone about most of this because it is personal, but once I talked to him about it all, I felt better, he felt better and we are stronger than ever. I have married a man who cares very much about his family and will do anything to assure that they are happy. I love that about him. In his own personal struggles I have seen him grow into a man of willingness... willing to help and forgive. I have watched him become more Christ like in his ability to forgive and reach out his hand to help bring another up. He has a very strong and solid testimony of the church and I look up to him for it. He is stronger than I am and I am proud of him and envious of his ability to turn a bad situation into something better.
More about Ruby...
Before she was born I had all these ambitions. like keeping up this blog as a journal for her (we all know that hasn't been so), I wanted to take a picture of her everyday in the same spot so we could see how she is growing day by day, pierce her ears, and always put a bow in her hair! Well sadly I havent done any of those things. Pictures I have... lots! I guess I could start a picture a day from here on out, and maybe I will. The blog... well I can only try. Bows! Ha...we have many but the always end up around her eyes or we dont really go anywhere so whats the point? I do put one on if we go out but thats about it. So I guess I sort of do that one. Now piercing her ears?!?! I cant bring myself to do it... how could I intentionally inflict pain on my little baby? I want her to have them so badly but I just cant muster up the courage to do it. I told Brian he needs to take her for me. He said he would, so there is a chance of that actually happening! Anyways, I want to write down little things she does or has done for my memory and not dwell on the things that I havent done. I try and that has to be good enough. I cant look at everyone else's blogs who are doing much more than me with their lives and children and sit and feel bad for not doing or trying to do the same things. I can only be me. I am happy I have a happy and healthy baby and a great husband. Our life will go on as such if we only try to do what is right. That is what we do, we try to become better each day and love each other.
Sorry, got off the subject... Ruby. Ruby loves to look at herself in the mirror or in pictures and holds great conversations and exchanges millions of smile with herself. On our fridge we have lots of pictures of family and friends and I have her look at them daily and she loves it! She really loves TV. When the TV is on it is hard to get her attention, but once you pull her away she is all ears and wants to be soaked up in conversation with you. She kicks and runs like crazy...seriously, I get tired watching her go and go. When she does this she sucks in her bottom lip? Weird but funny. Up until this last week she loved baths... I mean LOVED them, only cried when I took her out. I loved giving her bath time and watching her kick and splash water all over. I dont know what happened but now she doesnt enjoy the water. Breaks my heart giving her baths and her laying there screaming and red all over. I want my water loving baby to come back! She loves music and loves me singing to her. She gets excited when I dance and I think tries to mimic my sporadic moves. Her talking is adorable and I cant get enough of it along with her smiles. Every once in awhile she tries to get a laugh out and it makes me laugh which makes her try even more. She doesnt really like the idea of being on her belly and only last for a short time doing her belly time. She loves books and when I read to her. She finally loves her swing and will sleep in it throughout the day. She loves being outside. When she is fussy we will just step outside and she calms right down. She loves going on walks and you can tell she is trying to take it all it. Her heads turns every direction as she is trying to see the world around her. She loves to grab and hold onto things and she is very strong. She loves to suck on her blanket and hands. She hold her blanket in between her binkie and hand in order to keep her binkie in her mouth. She is kind of a busy body already... she tends to get bored easy and just needs a little change and then she is fine for a bit. She loves when daddy comes through the door she starts cooing and smiling for him instantly. I love watching them together. I am excited to watch her learn and grow more but at the same time I want time to somehow go a little slower.

I truly have a wonderful life. It is no where near perfect and at times gets tough, but I know that with the gospel and Heavenly Father at our focal point,we, my family, can get through anything together.


lauren said...

seriously just pierce her ears! they wont remember it when you do it young and seriously maddie cried less then when she gets her shots~ its well worth it! she is adorable

Missy said...

She is darling. Glad to hear/read all is well with you and your cute family. Miss you.

.Ang. said...

I love this post!!!

She is growing so fast!!

I've noticed how your recent struggles have brought you closer! you guys are such an awesome family!

We love you so much!!

* Courtney * said...

That was such a sweet post! I can't wait to see baby Ruby. I wish I would have pierced Scarletts when she was a baby - I will take her when I come! You can just go in another store or something and i'll be the mean Aunt - er mother in law ;) Loved Loved all the stuff about Ruby....and im SO jealous she sleeps by herself. She needs to teach Levi. Love you

The McCalip Family said...

So sweet Linds, she just keeps getting cuter and cuter!

Carter used to love his baths too, but now he starts screaming whenever we wash his hair which used to be his favorite part. I think its because we do the hair last, so he knows the bath is coming to an end and that's why he gets sad!

You're such an awesome mom! Keep enjoying your baby!

Jaliz & Chelsea said...

You are such a cute mommy! Ruby is the happiest baby every and LUCKY to have such fun parents! Love this post!!

amyswor said...

Was searching for my GF's blog with same last name and came across yours. Read your interesting question to others about infant ear piercing.

Admittedly, I know a lot of people have strong feelings when to pierce a child's ear. "Let them decide" is being replaced by parental decision when mommy intuition knows, "earlier is better" from either personal or friend's experiences of unpleasant childhood ear piercing.

I think it just depends on your own personal choice whether or not you wish your baby or little girl to have pierced ears.

Does it hurt the baby to pierce her ears? I asked our ped and she said doing it as an infan is a perfect time since their ear lobes are so thin and they don't have nerve fibers developed till they are 8-10 mos old. In addition, she said if they cry,it is because of being restrained or the noise of the piercing instrument near their ears, not an pain. When I heard this coupled with the fact our ped did her 2 little girls at 6 and 7 weeks old put my mind at ease.

Some feel perceived gender of their child is important while others find it a cultural tradition where all infant girls have pierced ears. I pierced our oldest daughter's ears when she was two months old and our youngest at just days old. We found an experienced individual where they specialized in infant piercing.

My advice is to do them one at a time to insure they are perfectly centered. This may take 15 seconds longer, but will make sure they are not crooked later in life.

Our oldest daughter just turned two and has never had an infection, pulled them out, and
she's never even played with her earrings (which is amazing in my book). My mom pierced my ears when I was 2 weeks old and I've loved it....I think earrings on little girls are adorable!

If you don't know how she'd look at any age, then hold up a pair of your studs to each ear and decide for yourself. Many moms including myself like the look of earrings on babies and little girls for no specific reason, but like how light plays off a simple gold ball on a bald baby girl or small gold hoop poking through the hair of a toddler.

Cerebrally, as mothers of girls of all ages, we know it celebrates their femaleness and femininity. After all, they are little girls, right? Growing up I remember many of my little girlfriends were not allowed to get their ears pierced. I could never understand it...but when their parents did finally let them, it always seemed they'd get infected because they were constantly touching them or trying to change out the earrings before they were supposed too. Many said it was painful, but all cried having a great deal of angst leading up to and including the actual ear piercing.

To each their own but I think the earlier the easier. If we have another girl, I will pierce her ears early as well. I took my youngest DD at days old after I asked our pediatrician and she encouraged me to go ahead before she aware of her surrounding or
developed a pincer grip to play with her ears. She gave me some suggestions for moms having
their daughter's ears pierced. They seem to apply to all ages.

If you want our ped's tips, then don't hesitate to write me an e-mail.

Just when is the best time to pierce your daughter's ears? It is when you are ready to care for them during the healing phase. They are very easy to care for. If you decide to do it as a newborn or infant, then I promise she'll thank you later!


Glen, Paige, and baby Preston! said...

Love you and love this post! You are the greatest mommy! I miss you three!