Sunday, May 23, 2010

Vegas Vacation & Picture overload

Ruby and I were able to spend 3 glorious weeks in Vegas, even though we sure missed hubby/daddy, we had a blast! It was so good to be back home and just hang out with family and friends. Its always hard to leave but I am glad to be back home with Brian.

Ruby's so excited! First time flying

Ruby did amazing on both flights! The flight into Vegas started off CrAzY! I mean really stressful, I tried to be as calm as possible but inside I was getting anxious. We arrived at the airport a little later then planned but that wasnt the stressful part. Once we arrived Brian came inside to help me carry all the luggage to the check in counter. Once we got there I felt like they sent us all over the place getting the proper checks and what not. By the time we were done doing all the crazy things they needed us to do before checking our baggage they told me that I couldnt take my stroller! WHAT!?! Luckily the lady felt sorry for me so went and got me a cart for free! SO once I went through security we got to the gate and they had already started boarding the plane. Problem was that when I walked up with Ruby, who by this time was crying because it was past time to eat, no one let me cut in ahead of them. Instead they just stared and frowned at me and my crying baby! Once I made it up to the gate the fight attendant quickly and happily helped me to me seat. All along the way I was getting looks of disgust for bringing a screaming baby on board. Once I began feeding Ruby the lady who was to sit next to me walked up and saw me with a baby and looked to the flight attendant and said "I cant sit here!" The flight attendant and I just stared at her and couldnt believe that she had the nerve to say something like that. Then she proceeded to say I dont want to sit there so I need a new seat and I dont mind first class! hahaha WOW! I couldnt believe this lady! Anywho, it worked out for the better for me because I had two whole seats to myself and it just made my life that much easier! So thanks to whoever you are! Like I said before Ruby did AMAZING on the flight. Nothing more then little coos. Everyone around me who were so nervous to have a baby sitting by them were shocked because they didnt hear her once! Ruby is such a great little baby!

Once we arrived in vegas it was nothing but fun! My mom, dad and little brother Doug all came to pick us up. On the way home we got Yogurtland and it was the perfect beginning to a perfect vacation.

I dont want to bore you with all the little details of our trip back home but a few of the highlights consisted of:
-Carly's Wedding (seeing lots of friends and dancing with Courtney)
-Breakfast with some of the girls!
-Mom's Bday ( Everyone but Danny and Liz were there) Tara made some delish food and dessert!
-Doug going through the temple! SO COOL! All the siblings and the spouses were there...well minus Brian, but it was a very neat experience
-Grandpa's 75th Bday! So fun seeing all the family
-Did I mention having all of my bros and sisters there! It was a blast having everyone together!
-Mother's day! Boys got up early and made us breakfast and cleaned up!!
-just relaxing and playing games/watching 24 with family
-lots of great food- mom's a really good cook, buys lots of candy, Dad and Doug are great at the grill too! Thanks for all the popcorn and apples Mom!
-Papa Richard came to visit and brought yummy meat and pie!
-Lots of ichatting with Brian
-shopping at H&M and Yogurtland for a 2nd time
-finally deciding that Settlers of Catan isnt that bad after all
-Every time Tara and Scott came over I was feeding Ruby! haha
-Taking Ruby and Caden to the Park
-Sonic!!! and Rubios!!! and In and Out!!!
-Taking pictures of Ruby and Levi~ they are going to make a great couple one day :)
-seeing friends and hanging out
-getting my hair did
-going to Grandma's and Grandpa's for dinners
-Having lots and lots of help with Ruby!

It was a great time and I'm sure glad I went! Its always nice to go home to see such great people!

The flight home was a Red Eye and Ruby did awesome again! I also brought my brother Doug back out with me... his adventures in Hawaii post will follow shortly!


Tara said...

Ha. Yeah it did seem like you were always nursing when we came over. Speaking of nursing, it looks like Doug is nursing her in that photo!

We miss you guys!

Lindsay said...

I LOVE THESE PICTURES! We will be moving to Henderson area. Travis is going to Touro University to get his masters in medical health.

The McCalip Family said...

Oh my gosh! I can't believe the woman on the plane! When I flew Southwest with Carter, everyone in my row was nice about the baby, but no one ever chose to sit in the center seat right next to me. That was fine with me, but at least no one ever looked at me and said "no way." Oh well, I'm glad Ruby did great on the plane anyway. So stressful to fly with the baby especially when you're by yourself!

Missy said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time while you were home. Ruby is darling. I bet all the help was nice. You look great and I hope to see you soon.

Heather said...

I love the one of Ruby and your mom. Two beautiful girls! You should have just stood in line and nursed her....that would really give them something to stare at!=)