Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ruby's Blessing

On Sunday, the 25th of March, we blessed baby Ruby. It was an awesome experience and really neat. Before we went we were able to snag our neighbors (thanks steve and jenny) to take some pics of us. These are them.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty nervous. I think my voice was a bit wobbly at first. But it was a great blessing and little Ruby did great. She had just woken up, so I thought she was going to start crying or something, but she laid there and stretched and moved around, but never cried.

After the blessing and church was completed, we had some friends over for a nice little BBQ. I cooked up some hamburgers and hotdogs and we ate and hung out on the lawn in front of our apartment. It was super fun. Pictures are better than words, so here are some pictures.

Its good to have good friends come by and celebrate special moments. And it is just good to have good friends.

We love Ruby and she is rad.
(in case you didn't realize it, I wrote this, and my name is Brian Pike)

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