Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ruby wants to hang out !!

Lindsey pretending to be sleeping.

SOOOOO, Today Lindsey had some concerns with being prego and called up the doctor. They told her to come in and see her at 11:00am for a little check-up. Well, to keep a long story short, after lots of checking-up they took her to the birthing center and hooked her up to a machine and gave her some shots and some pills.

What happened was Ruby was preparing to come out and party a little earlier than she should. Lindsey has had some contractions that are a bit early (she isn't due until March 13th). So they gave her some pills to help calm the contractions down and a shot that will help develop Ruby's lungs just in case she comes earlier than planned.

We are hanging out over night and will be here awhile tomorrow, but if anything we are getting a quick taste of the hospital feel. We will be nice and ready and familiar with the area when we come back for the real deal.

But everything seems to be good and Ruby is healthy. As excited as we are to see her, I guess we should wait at least a couple more weeks so little Ruby will be healthy.


.Ang. said...

YIKES!! Way to trust your intuition and call the doctor Lindsey!

Yesterday when you were saying it feels like she's getting lower you weren't kidding! We can't wait to meet her but, I hope she was just kidding and she hangs out in the "oven" a bit longer!!

Let us know if you need anything!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, sorry you have to hang out at the birthing fun. At least now that you've had the steroid shot to help develop her little lungs you should be fine. Joc and Jesse were both born at 32 weeks and they were champs and have no health problems from arriving early. Though I have no idea, I would guess that you also got some terbutaline to help slow things down or morphine to slow the contractions...good luck and hopefully you don't get put on best rest too soon. If she comes early and you need help, i'll hop on a plane...preemies are my tiny and precious...but they are sure high maintenance!

lauren said...

i had that same thing happen at 27 weeks its a little scary. hope all goes well! cant wait to see march!!

hmayorga said...

Wow...that's crazy. I'm glad things are ok though.

Aaron & Susan said...

Oh no! That same thing happened to me at 32 weeks... but I managed to hold out until 37 1/2 (and no bedrest either). Hopefully it was just a fluke and all goes smooth from here on out! Please keep us updated!

Heather said...

Scary, but glad to hear she is sticking inside!! =) Enjoy your two weeks rest. It will be the last good rest you get for 20+ years.=)

Kathey said...

It was probably the ice skating that caused Ruby to drop too soon. You should give it up until after she is born.