Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The surf

This last Saturday was the final day of Brian's surf competition.

Check out the crowd that came to watch... pretty cool eh?

Oh and look at how awesome my husband is....he rips!

Ok so that wasnt Brian nor was it even close to the size of the crowd that showed up on Saturday to watch him and the other guys in their surf competition. That was all taken this last Sunday and Monday when Brian and I went to watch one of the many big surf competitions here on the north shore. It is amazing/fun to see the professionals surf live and up close. They have some serious surfing skills. I think Brian is just as good as them...he just doesnt have the time to travel with them on all their surf adventures, plus Im sure he would rather just be at home with me. ;)

Just one of us

Brian with his all time surf idol, Sunny Garcia... not really his idol or even close to being his favorite surfer. It is just funny that Brian asked for a picture with him because Sunny is probably the most outrageous surfer. By outrageous I mean scary crazy. But he was pretty cool about taking a picture with Brian, he even put his arm around him. I think they are close to being BFFs now.

Back to Brian's surf competition. He surfed and did pretty well but sadly he lost in his heat by .5 of a point so he didnt advance. I had lots of fun going down to the beach and watching him and his friends surf.

This is the path that you have to walk down to get to the surf spot where they held the competition. I just think its really pretty so I wanted a picture of it. And now you get to enjoy it too. (you're welcome)

Here are some pictures we got off the video of the competition... sorry they are kind of blurry

This is the only actual picture that we got of Brian on a wave. Much more clear then the video shots, but not as cool, but cool enough.

Brian coming out of the water... he looks so bummed :(

Brian had a blast surfing in his little surf competition. He loved being out in the water surfing with his friends and competing. He is looking forward to another competition in the near future.

As for me, when I am not working I try to find little projects to keep me busy. I decided about 2 weeks ago that I was going to decorate for Christmas so I set out to do just that... pictures to come shortly.


lauren said...

oh that warm ocean and sun looks so nice!!! wish i was there!!

Mitch and Kris said...

Awesome Pike. Nice mustache!