Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Brian!

It was Brian's BIG 26th on Monday and he is soo excited about getting older! He spent his big day mostly at school :(. We had planned earlier last week that we would do something fun for his birthday on Sat., he wanted to spend the day at the beach and then have dinner at one of the famous shrimp trucks (something he has wanted since moving here). Well, Saturday came and the weather wasnt the best for a day on the beach so we drove to Kaneohe to see a movie and have dinner. We splurged and got Arby's for dinner and then went and saw Julie and Julia. (so you know, it wasnt me making him go see a chick flick for his birthday, he wanted to see it just as badly as me!) After the movie was over we walked around the mall for a little bit and then sat on a bench in the middle of the mall and people watched. When we grew tired of that we left and went and got some frozen yogurt at Orangetree. The reason why we love Orangetree is you serve yourself, put as much or as many toppings on as you wish and the best part is they give you sample cups to taste as much as you want! They have about 16 flavors and by the time we get done tasting them, we are full! When we sit down to actually eat what we bought, I have a few bites and then make Brian finish it off! Then he fills sick and I'm usually doing ok! I am so nice... :)
On Sunday, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday dinner and he said sweet and sour chicken. So we made sweet and sour chicken with rice for dinner! It was delicious and way better than any chinese take out!

I wanted to do something special and a little bit of a surprise for his birthday. I had made a birthday sign after work on Friday out of butcher and construction paper. I only had a few minutes to work on it before he would be getting home so I had to hurry, and I didnt know if it was me racing to get it done or the forgetfulness from the pregnancy (yes, I'm using that as my excuse) but I forgot the H in birthday! The sad thing is, I didnt even realize it until Brian pointed it out! Anyways, so I made him the sign without him knowing and on Monday morning I woke up early and told him I was going to the gym. What I really did was wake up to hang up the masterpiece I made him and wrapped his one present. Then I went to McDonalds to get him sausage biscuits and hash-browns for his birthday breakfast! When I got home I had to beg him to wake up... finally after me pestering him for what seemed forever he got out of bed and walked out to the front room and saw his big surprise! He was excited and ate his breakfast and opened his present. He got a new pair of sandals. Then he went off to school and didnt return until about 4:30 that afternoon. When he got home I surprised him with a ice cream cake from Coldstone. We didnt have candles so he blew out a match, then we ate cake and he rested until he had to go back to school from 8-10pm.
All in all it was a great day. Even with him being at school so much throughout the day, we were able to really celebrate and enjoy his birthday while he was home.

Enjoying his breakfast

Lighting the match

blowing out the match

Luckily it was just us eating the cake!

Yummy! (sorry its blurry)


Anonymous said...

yay! a new post! I am finally validated in checking your blog every day...i almost gave up. Linz, you're a nicer wife than i am:)

* Courtney * said...

I am cracking up right now at the missing H in birthday. hahahah i love it....and you can totally blame it on the pregnancy!

Mitch and Kris said...

Happy Birthday again Pike, I hope you enjoyed the singing text. Way fun birthday. I need to start being a better wife and doing more for Mitch on his BIRTDAY! HAHA

Pike Family said...

What an awesome birthday. Brian I like the haircut and what a dark tan. How did you sunburn last weekend?

Looks like you guys are having a great time. Wish I could come and spend a couple of months visiting :)

Stefanie said...

Oh you are such a good Birthday supriser! It sounds like you had a fun birthday weekend! I love that you left the H our of birthday!

hmayorga said...

Oh are such a wonderful wife! I hope Brian knows how lucky he is.

Nicole said...

What a cute wife you are :) I love that you forgot the H haha! Oh Linz I miss ya! Guess what?! I'M ENGAGED!!! I wish so so so so much you could be here. I love ya!! Hope the pregnancy is going well!