Monday, July 20, 2009

Things that make the hairs on your neck stand up!

If you were here or you were us I promise your freak would be freaked!
First things first:

One day I decided it was about time I learned how to surf. After a month of just thinking about it, Pike and I decided last week that I would learn. So after work we got into the car and headed for the beach. As we were approaching the beach, the oncoming traffic was two life guard trucks with their lights and sirens going off and towing jet skis, an ambulance and two cop cars! I really didnt know what to think of the me, many things were going through my head but I didnt want to freak myself out over nothing. While we were in the water less then a mile away, we look up to see a flight for life helicopter with the rescue basket hanging down from it and heading straight for the hospital. We both looked at each other and didnt really say much and tried to make light of the situation; but what we really were thinking was SHARK ATTACK! Well, sadly we were wrong (which I am kind of happy about because I am scared to death of sharks) but it was a suicide. Some lady drove her car off the point, a cliff in Laie. (sorry I dont want anyone to feel depressed after reading this)
Needless to say that was an interesting first day of surfing, or attempting. I was feeling ambitious the next day and was sure I was going to do better, well I didnt really get my chance to prove myself. While making our way out into the water and only a surfboard between Brian and I, Biran got stung by a jelly fish! He looked at me in silence for about 30 seconds and then shouted "Hurry, just go! Go in!" Shocked and confused I stared at him and then he said I just got stung... I was half way in by the time he said got.. not because I listened to his first warning but because quite a few people within a couple weeks have been getting stung and I was scared it was going to happen to me. So when he started saying what happened I dont think anyone has ever paddled faster then me! Once we got out of the water, he was in a lot of pain and I felt really bad but yet really relieved that it only got him! (yes, that may sound rude but its the ugly truth, at least I'm honest!) No surfing was performed that day or yet but I still have sometime to learn and I will. It was just an exciting first 2 days that I thought I would share with you all so you know that we are actually alive.

Its just a little sting...not that big of a deal! right?
(so you know these stings burn and itch and it doesnt feel good to scratch them)

Now why should your freak have been freaked after that first story?...
1. Possible shark attack only a single mile away from where we were swimming.
2. Sharks in the water...period!
3. Jellyfish!
4. Lots of people we know getting stung at an alarming rate.
5. Brian's sting. Its gross.
6. So I dont sound like a baby...its a big scary ocean out there! (haha I'm really not that scared. I get in and swim around a lot!)

Now if your freak wasnt really freaked then this will surely freak it!

In Hawaii, as you all know or have heard, there are rather creepy creatures and insects lurking around. I have seen my fair share of larger than my foot cockroaches, frogs, geckos, spiders, centipedes and other such icky creepy things. Some of these creatures have made their way into our home but with a "calming scream" for help, Brian takes care of the problem! (For the record, he is just as freaked as I am!) Anyways, you all get the point, we have lots of surprises and some I just let live in here but there are some that have to go! Well, on Sunday, we had a very unwelcoming stranger! da da dummmm.

As I was walking towards our bedroom from the front room, for whatever reason, I happened to look up on top of our cupboards in the kitchen. I glanced up and continued walking when I then looked back up to be sure what I thought I saw was just a figment of my imagination. Once I realized that there was surely something there I started to panic and sweat and lets just say I was really nervous and wasnt sure where to go! I asked Brian to look and try to figure out what this creature was and get it out somehow!
This is what I saw while making my way to the bedroom

Another view

He started to panic because we had never seen anything like it! I told him to call our friend Brett,(he catches chameleons all the time) and have him come catch it! Brett, couldnt come for a bit so we went and got our neighbors to see if they knew what this creature was and if they were brave enough to grab it. They were just as nervous as we were. We all just stood there staring at this thing and finally our friend Shawn came in and as nervous as he was he grabbed the chair and stood up right in front of it and this thing lurched out at him and was running around and chasing us! Ok, that last part was a lie, as Shawn stood up to face this creature he started to laugh and say are you guys kidding me, and picks it up and holds out a piece of surf wax!
We were all embarrassed that we allowed ourselves to be afraid of a piece of wax, but a disclaimer to our stupidity and fear...I would like to quote Brian. In his words..."It moved! That thing moved.. I saw it move!"
I was relieved that there wasnt a mysterious creature in our apartment or that such a creature really doesnt exist! I kept asking Brian how something so big could have gotten in here unnoticed! So our freak was definitely freaked and I hope I got your freak even just a little bit. We like to keep things exciting around here... so who wants to come visit???

Its true all its glory!


glen and paige said...

babababbahahahahhah MY FREAK WAS FREAKED! On all account and all three stories! Woman committing suicide! Does she seriously have to do that at a public beach! And I HATE jelly fish, i got stung by a sting ray over ten years ago and ever since then all ocean creatures freak me out to this day, especially sharks! It's time to come back to Utah! Love and miss you! xoxo

ABS said...

hahahahahah Linds you crack me up so much! I miss you! Yeah all of those stories had me freaked out a little. I'm glad they all end happy well except Brian's arm that looks painfull!!!!! Linds when I went to Maui like 8 years agoa spider jsut smaller than my hand chased us away from the pool!!!!! I've never been the same!

Stefanie said...

Sorry that ABS post is me, I keep forgetting I'm signed into the work email!

Pike Family said...

Lindsey, I love the way you tell a story. I had read about the woman off the cliff in the news.

The surfboard wax is very funny.

Manda said...

ha ha we used to name the gecko's that lived in our apt there. Those Jelly fish suck... so do the little blue bubble jellys too right by the water at the point. I always liked to surf on the beach north of the point...its better there. be careful though!!!

Liz Maxfield said...

hahahahaha!!! Sadly enough...i would have had a worse reaction. It looks like a mouse to me and I HATE mice! Did you pee on Pike's arm to make it feel better?

Stephanie said...

Now THAT was funny!! I'm in a room with a lot of people so I had to be quiet, but you know me, I can't be quiet when something is funny. I was giggling and snickering the whole time. Thank you.

lauren said...

oh i would be freaked to if i saw that on my cabinet! there are way to many creepy crawly things there! your poor hubby, i got bite by jellyfish to and it stings!

* Courtney * said...

that last story was hilarious! I love you. I felt like I was always on edge because of all the creepies there. Oh and poor Pike! You know Brandon got stung by one of those on his stomach and he had to go to the ER. He was passing out and throwing up...I guess it's more dangerous the more area they get, but he still has a scar. Not to scare you or anything hehe I also got stung by a blue blubble but it didn't get me very good because it onlt hurt for like an hour, so wish for one of those to hit you.

Matt and Morgan said...

So how sad is it that when I hear "jellyfish" my first thought is "Friends?" I love that episode where Chandler pees on Monica -- you know, sad to say, but it really does help ease the pain! I'm just sayin' . . .

Hope you can sleep peacefully tonight knowing that the surf wax monster is no more!

Nicole said...

Haha! You are so hilarous! Loved the stories. What a fun life you are living on the island! :)