Friday, March 27, 2009


My dear friend Courtney and her husband were planning a trip to Hawaii and had told me to plan on them arriving March 23rd. I was pretty excited for their upcoming visit and could hardly wait til the end of the month.
Well, what I didn't know was that she lied to me... after she told me she was coming the 23rd, she called Pike and told him that she was coming on the 12th and wanted to surprise me. I'm assuming that right after he spoke to Courtney he came up to me and said, i have a surprise for you, but you cant have it right now.(WHAT?) I asked when I might be able to have my big surprise and he told me "I dont know, it could be tomorrow, a couple days, a week..." (WHAT? I was pretty confused.) Then he made me promise that when he said that we have to go somewhere that I would just go, no questions asked. Oh and did I mention that I would have to wake up early for this surprise, I had a billion things running through my mind of what this surprise could be. I obviously couldn't figure it out...when Pike woke me up that early Thursday morning, blindfolded me put me in the car and started driving, I couldn't be happier when I was greeted with a kiss on my nose and opened my eyes and saw COURTNEY! :)

They stayed with us for 5 days and it was a blast!
Thanks for the wonderful surprise and a great time guys!


lauren said...

what a fun suprise!!! it is so beautiful there i love it!!

* Courtney * said...

Oh we had so much fun, and I love you!

Mitch and Kris said...

How fun, I want to come visit. You and Pike are so tan, I'm jealous. I'm so glad that the Stewarts could go visit you.